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Words from Wisetailers: Reflections from 2022

Wisetail | 3 min read

2022 was a colorful, exciting year for Wisetail, full of adventures, new faces, and fresh ideas. From our summertime Wisefest in Bozeman to the launch of our new product and checklist tool, OnTrack, it has been a fantastic year for growing, pivoting, and continuous learning. 

As everyone wraps up their yearly ‘to-do’ lists, we wanted to take a moment to pause, and reflect on Wisetailer accomplishments. We asked our teammates a few quick questions to hear their thoughts about 2022, and how they want to use what they learned to move forward into the bright New Year.

Teammates are more engaged in their company when culture is promoted

What were your greatest takeaways from 2022? 

Carmen: That my sales team is awesome and we are always here to help each other. 

Hayley: The Wisetail team is very refreshing, and there is always room to learn and grow within a space full of curious, supportive and passionate individuals! 

Ashley: My greatest takeaway from 2022 is that being a part of the Wisetail community and having an amazing team is what makes our workplace a great place to be. It is possible to be remote first and have strong relationships. I’m grateful to be a part of this community!

What lessons did you learn? 

Carmen: I learned that I’m not a lone Business Development Representative. From Kat Claypool being an amazing leader and mentor to all the Account Executives, to all the other Wisetail departments and their rockstar teams, we can tackle any obstacle together and get those goals!

Hayley: I learned that I can accomplish more than I ever thought possible, and that I can absolutely lean on the expertise and technical knowledge of our fabulous marketing and product development teams. It’s genuinely incredible to be surrounded by so many capable and positive people, all of whom are excited to be a part of something bigger.   

Ashley: I learned how critical our software is to helping clients in their mission to support their employees to deliver not only important training but also an intentional and meaningful place to connect with each other. There have been so many incredible new clients and long-term clients that are doing wonderful things to support their workplace communities!

Teamwork is effective when all members bring their own unique flavor to the table

What developments and new perspectives are you excited to take into 2023?

Carmen: I love the Cloverleaf insights and learning about my coworkers with really good different perspectives. I am excited to be a part of Wisetail in 2023!

Hayley: I’m most excited to keep using the creative side of my brain, to come up with ideas and give them life. It’s very engaging to work with so many different moving parts, to work with clients and Wisetailers to create exciting content, and I love that there is always a new project or research to dive into. I’m looking forward to helping my team collaborate, structure and tackle the 2023 agenda with fresh eyes!

Ashley: I’m looking forward to seeing what new and creative ways clients will utilize Wisetail in 2023 and continuing to build relationships in our own community of Wisetailers!

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