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2018 Wisetail Way Award Winner

Christian Goff and the team at Torchy’s Tacos ran away with the Wisetail Way Award this last fall

Jason Bacaj | 4 min read

The Wisetail Way Award celebrates and recognizes innovators who transform how people learn and grow, the heroes who fly under the radar while making their companies great places to work.

You probably know that Torchy’s Tacos makes ‘damn good’ tacos. What you might not know is that Christian Goff, their Senior Manager of People and Culture Development, makes sure Torchy’s also has a damn good learning management system (LMS).

From the name — the Taco Dojo — to the course imagery, Torchy’s LMS is a true reflection of the brand. The voice, tone, and content strategy keep adoption and engagement rates consistently among the highest of all Wisetail clients.

“The Taco Dojo is used not only to teach our culture, but to reinforce it through our interactions and through our ongoing trainings,” Christian says.

Success in business depends on whether employees have the skills and know-how to get jobs done. And since the learning and development professionals crafting those courses and pathways do almost all their work behind the scenes, we created the Wisetail Way Awards to recognize and celebrate the great work we see all the time.

The Wisetail Way Award celebrates and recognizes L&D innovators who transform how people learn and grow — the unsung heroes who connect training, brand, and people.

Of course, Christian is quick to deflect praise back to the team that surrounds him.

“Becky is one of the best instructional designers I’ve ever worked with. Isabeau has really come a long way in learning how to administer the site. The best artist I’ve ever seen in the business is Jon Garcia. And we all help each other out to kind of push this Taco Dojo a little bit further than it was yesterday,” Christian says.

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From left to right: Jon Garcia, Christian Goff and Becky Mueller at the APEX conference in 2018
Wisetail LMS support employee Lora.

“We have a saying in the CX department – “You get out of the LMS what you put into it.” From day one, Christian has led an incredibly dedicated and hardworking LMS team at Torchy’s Tacos. Their diligence and thoughtfulness shows in all areas of the Taco Dojo (Torchy’s LMS) – from branding to organization to content creation. They have used creativity and humor to build a tool that makes training damn fun and shows their employees why Torchy’s is such a great place to work!”

Lora Johnson, Client Success Manager