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Reimagining Customer Supply Chain Training Using a Hybrid Approach

Wisetail | 5 min read

The Intertek Business Assurance team helps their clients navigate the complexities of global supply chains by performing custom audits around the world. As they continued to scale their business, they found they were in need of a singular space in which they could train their customers and the supply chain to meet compliance requirements, complete certifications, and meet industry standards. By harnessing their Learning Management System they were able to step into the modern era, consolidate their collection of knowledge and education on a single platform, and successfully support their customer supply chain with increased abilities to track and ensure compliance throughout the learning process.

A highlight of the Intertek Academy page, and the courses available to the customer supply chain for easy learning.

Modernization of Customer Interaction

The pandemic was truly the catalyst that pushed the Business Assurance team to move from traditional classroom style training to a more digitized, hybrid model. This shift has enabled increased speed in their training delivery, and increased client interaction on their LMS platform, Intertek Academy. They’ve even taken it a step further, using their LMS in a unique way by building custom community pages that cater to their specific client needs and industries. They’ve brought a vast number of specialized services and a wealth of content into these client community pages to enhance their supply chain clients’ learning experiences. 

Their clients were previously required to open multiple sites to access all of the required resources and learning materials, leading to a rather confusing experience. With global circumstances changing as quickly as they do, their team determined it was imperative to provide a platform that afforded them continuity within customer supply chain training resources. To accomplish this, they adopted the Wisetail LMS platform, and used it to provide a centralized location and library for their clients and supply chain. This change solved for their ease of access issue and has afforded their clients with the opportunity to continuously learn from Intertek’s wealth of information, feel supported in their developmental journey, and connect with other industry experts from a single location.

Intertek's LMS allows for easy tracking and metrics to help boost customer supply chain compliance

Continuous Learning

The adoption of Intertek Academy also addressed Business Assurance’s desire to have their customers participating and engaged with learning content on a broader timeline, in more meaningful, impactful ways. Instead of catering to smaller, one time learning events, they were able to provide significantly more information to their clients about valuable resources and how they could improve long term. Clients initially land on the Intertek home page and complete pertinent training there, and in the process, are exposed to associated services, informational articles, and topics that promote further education. 

Using Intertek Academy, their team can nudge clients towards additional services, set storylines and push the valuable messaging they want to highlight. This can engage the supply chain in new ways with quizzes, queries, and promotion of additional articles and resources that help prepare the supply chain for the future. 

What’s more, their clients are able to connect with Intertek Academy and provide insight into their particular experiences, learning journeys and individual triumphs. They can effectively collaborate with other members of the supply chain, and provide support and insight within their unique communities.

Accessible, Trackable Learning on a Global Scale: 

To enhance their ability to track performance and compliance, the Intertek team has used their LMS’s integration capabilities to link with their auditing platform, which they find is exceptionally valuable for delving into more formal audits. Using this integration, they are able to see which client has completed which training, assess needs based on data they get straight from the LMS, and deliver important information to improve customer’s performance. This streamlined functionality has enabled them to scale and connect with a larger volume of customers on a user-friendly interface, and allows them to pivot in response to their supply chain’s needs.

The Intertek team has used the Wisetail platform to institute a hybrid learning environment for their customer supply chain.

Intertek Academy has allowed Business Assurance to provide services and training for their customer supply chain in a way they couldn’t before. The response from customers has been fabulous, as they are seeing an increase in engagement, community, and ability to provide valuable auditing services. While it is inherently different from how Wisetail’s LMS is typically used, it’s been a phenomenal application of a versatile learning and community tool.

Looking to re-imagine your customer supply chain training and engagement approach? Watch the full conversation with Intertek Business Assurance below!