Making AI Work for You: What is it, and Why Should You Care?

Wisetail | 6 min read

In this blog series, we’ll provide an overview of what L&D teams need to know about AI, how it can be effectively utilized, and the potential it holds for transforming the way we work and learn. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or just starting to explore its possibilities, this series will equip you with practical insights and guidance to navigate the AI landscape in the realm of L&D.

There’s no question that we live in an exciting time of technological advancement. We’ve recently seen a dramatic shift in our relationship with technology, and at the heart of this transformation is the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are a few simple ways you can adopt these new technologies to supplement your Learning and Development (L&D) strategies.

Pairing AI with your L&D strategy

While AI has become a popular buzzword, it’s important to remember that it’s a dynamic industry. AI encompasses specialty areas such as robotics, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing and image generation. With AI roaring into culture conversations, it’s easy to think of it as a bucket concept that invites excitement, anticipation, and even concern about our futures. So how does it pertain to your L&D program?

In L&D spaces, AI enables intelligent systems to further automate tasks, personalize learning paths, give tailored recommendations for content, and assess learner performance with ease. AI is changing the game by giving you more tools to boost efficiency and productivity, while allowing you to create more engaging learning experiences for users.

The benefits of AI in L&D

Some of the potential and benefits that we will go into over the course of this blog series are the ability of AI to: 

  • Personalize learning – tailoring education for success
  • Intelligent Content Creation – redefining our educational resources
  • Data-Driven Insights – empowering educators for impactful instruction

Harness the power of AI in L&D

L&D has already gone through several revolutions. It began with formal learning, moved on to experiential learning, and now with AI, we can scale to even greater heights through personalized and automated learning. Think about key trends that already exist in the L&D space: on the job learning, just in time learning, or microlearning. Imagine how much more effective those trends can be with greater insight into your audience, faster deployment of training, and more impactful micro-learning. All of this is made possible with AI. AI lightens your workload, while simultaneously ramping up the effectiveness of training.

How to use AI in your LMS

AI opens up numerous possibilities for enhancing your LMS experience. Here are some creative examples that can improve both administrative tasks and learner experiences:

  • Tagging content. Elevate your current ability to efficiently and accurately tag content, leading to more targeted curation and improved search results. 
  • Recommending content. AI can effortlessly help you identify recommended training and continued education for specific learning pathways. This will allow you to easily enhance targeted learning and empower learners with personalized educational journeys.
  • Generating AI-generated subtitles or transcripts. By utilizing AI-generated subtitles or transcripts for your content, you can quickly create more accessible videos and instructional media for a variety of learners.
  • Creating dynamic SOP’s. AI platforms like allow you to bring standard operating procedures (SOP’s) to life with quickly generated role-play scenarios or AI generated avatars. 
  • Providing learning accommodations. With AI programs like ChatGPT, you can quickly adjust your existing training to accommodate different reader levels. 
  • Harnessing AI-powered analytics. By incorporating AI-powered analytics into your reporting strategy, you can get even more from your LMS data, enabling you to gain additional actionable insights.

Streamlining and optimizing educational processes with AI

By now, we know that at its core, AI is the ability for a machine to match or exceed the intelligence of a human. This means that for now AI is not the end solution, but is here to augment and improve the work we are already doing in the L&D space. We look to be early adopters, but not at the expense of making wise L&D decisions. To use an analogy, while we really enjoy the benefit of a self-driving car, we can appreciate that the technology is not perfect, and in most cases a human behind the wheel is the better choice. 

Watch for next week’s blogs in our AI series, where we’ll discuss how you can harness new AI programs to enhance your L&D strategies, and boost productivity and efficiency. Learn how incorporating AI into your routine can help you quickly generate personalized learning pathways, discover powerful, data driven insights to spur calculated action, and support your organization’s unique culture and growth with ease.