How to Use an LMS to Connect a Global Organization

Olivia Perdew | 3 min read

Cancer Support Community (CSC) is a global nonprofit organization with a network of over 175 locations with 50 affiliates and healthcare partners dedicated to helping patients and family members going through cancer treatment.


CSC lacked a central hub for information, training, and collaboration, which made connecting employees across the globe and sharing vital information a daily challenge.

“Our methods of communication in the past were primarily over the phone, and Zoom really wasn’t a thing yet. We had some in-person meetings a couple of times a year, and some webinars. As you can imagine, communication was really a pain point for us because we’re a global organization.”

– Sally Werner RN, BSN, MSHA, Senior Vice President, Affiliate Relations

Employees in the network were inundated with daily requests from partners and affiliates for information and the struggle of finding up-to-date information in the organization’s many communication channels took valuable time away from CSC’s mission.


CSC decided to implement its LMS as an intranet solution. “The Community Hub” or “The Hub” is where employees, partners, and affiliates connect with each other and easily access nonprofit information and other resources. Through the Hub, CSC provides a solution to stakeholder requests for tools, templates, and training, giving them a “single source of truth” for all things Cancer Support Community.


With the new LMS system in place, the CSC community can now spend more of their time learning and collaborating with each other instead of dealing with inbox clutter and waiting for information, creating a strong community within the organization and a higher standard of care for patients.


The Community Hub is a strong foundation for CSC’s network of employees, partners, and affiliates across the globe. Everyone in the network can stay informed with updates on Hub’s homepage, and easily share advice, brainstorm, and collaborate with others regardless of location through the Hub’s profiles. This has facilitated peer-to-peer learning and created a culture of organizational community for CSC. With the Hub as a central source for information, the CSC network can now also complete training and access other resources on their own time. CSC’s admins can easily update materials and monitor what resources are used most to track trends and provide the most up-to-date information possible. The network built up around the Hub is now stronger, more knowledgeable, and able to devote more time to helping patients.

“It improves the patient’s care because the program staff from all the affiliates that serve them are on the Community Hub. Affiliates can just go in and empower themselves with new information. There are specific discussion boards for the licensed mental health professional, so you can also get feedback, new ideas, and best practices for facilitating support groups there. Participants are benefiting from the knowledge that the licensed mental professionals provide, and we see the results in better care.”

– Kelly Hendershot Senior Director of Programs, Cancer Support Community 

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