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How to Make Customer Experience Better with an LMS

by Kayly Lange | 10 min read

For retail companies today, figuring out how to make customer experience better is critical for success. Long gone are the days when a store was the only one in town. The internet has increased competition and no company can take their customer base for granted. Just consider some of these stats:

Companies that invest in their customer experience also improve employee engagement by 20%.

Clearly, a consistent, positive experience not only creates more business but leads to a better company culture. Most companies have come to realize the importance of making investments to provide better customer experience. However, what does this look like practically? Where should companies invest in improving their customer experience?

One key aspect of excellent customer experience is well-trained employees. As the face of your company, they’re the ones to deliver either a positive or frustrating experience to your customers. A Learning Management System (LMS) can be an incredible tool to help you get ahead of the competition.

Here are some reasons why an LMS is essential for companies to improve their customer experience.

Better Onboarding Process

You probably have a vivid memory of your first day on the job. The nerves, excitement, and enthusiasm make it difficult to forget. It’s a valuable opportunity to make a great impression and train enthusiastic employees. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to make a great first impression on their employees. A survey of 736 new hires in different organizations found that over 67% were disappointed by their first day.

The right onboarding process can help you make the most of your opportunity to shape the right employee for your organization. It starts them off on an exciting foot to become an energetic worker excited to show up to their job.

All of this translates to a better customer service experience.

An LMS allows your employees a better chance to succeed at your company and enhances the company culture. The right learning tools mean that each employee will get consistent training and brand messaging so that everyone in your company is on the same page. New hires can get a better understanding of their role and the company values. A better onboarding process means consistency, expertise, and strong company culture. Use the indispensable first few days to set new hires on a path to become the kind of employee who benefits your business.

Reinforce Company Values and Culture

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of onboarding new hires. Encouraging thoughtful employees who internalize brand messaging doesn’t end there, though. Reinforce to your workers your brand message, company values, and continue to provide them with relevant skills through an LMS. This is how Outdoors Voices has used its LMS, The Rec Center, to make strides with its team’s day-to-day efficiency and performance, no matter how distant the locations are from their headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Knowledge retention can be a significant challenge for companies. The longer an employee stays at a business, the more likely they are to forget the subtle skills and company values that are vital for a better customer journey. They are also less likely to use their time to further develop customer service skills. While the loss of knowledge and skills starts slow, it quickly adds up to an inconsistent customer experience.

An LMS is a convenient way for companies to continue customer service training for their employees long after they start. It can be broken up into chunks so that employees can use opportune times, and their job doesn’t have to suffer. It’s also a cost-effective way of educating and ensures a consistent message to all employees.

Happier Workers Equal a Better Customer Experience

High turnover is an incredible expense for most businesses. The cost of turnover for an entry-level position is half their salary, and even more for higher-level positions. The hit on customer experience, however, can also be incredible. Worn-down, unhappy workers will create, at best, an inconsistent customer experience.

It’s impossible to create effective customer service without paying attention to your employee satisfaction. A critical factor in employee satisfaction is the ability to grow their skillset and fulfill their desire for career development.

Create a way to improve the customer experience by giving employees a chance to learn and improve their skills through initiatives like customer service training programs. That’s why corporations such as Starbucks offer assistance to workers completing their degrees. It helps create a culture of learning and growth, which is critical for happy workers and, as a result, customers. That is why initial research has found a correlation between increased job satisfaction and workplace learning.

Enhance Customer Service with LMS

Your customer experience strategy is inextricable from your workers’ training and education. Brand messaging and a qualified crew can make all the difference in how your customers view your company.

When you provide your employees with reliable and high-quality training through an LMS, you can help ensure they uphold your company values and create a consistent experience with your brand. Not only does it start them out on the right foot, but it also provides them with learning throughout their career.

Achieving an excellent customer experience is no easy feat. Use your LMS to help create a company that’s positioned to get ahead in your industry.


Kayly is a freelance writer who has spent years studying the intersection of company culture, technology, and the customer experience. She uses her expertise to help leaders shape the companies they envision.