Furthering Community through User Contributions & Themed Contests

An industry-leading mattress and bedding manufacturer, Tempur Sealy brings its community together virtually to increase engagement.

Feb 19, 2024 • 3 minute read


Increase in new users


Decrease in bounce rate


2+ minute increase in avg user session

the challenge

Bringing Together a Disjointed Virtual Community

Tempur Sealy International, Inc. is an industry-leading mattress and bedding manufacturer. The company is based out of Lexington, Kentucky and was born from the marriage of Tempur-Pedic International (a memory foam mattress producer) to Sealy Corporation (a Sealy, Texas mattress manufacturer) in 2012.

Since Tempur Sealy trains and educates their retail partners on new product features, they are continually staring at the problem of further promoting and energizing a potentially disjointed community from store to store.

the solution

A User-Friendly, User-Focused Interactive Platform

Tempur Sealy’s training team recognized the opportunity the company had to differentiate themselves from competitors by ensuring their LMS, The Snooz, was user-friendly, fun, and interactive. Their platform achieved, and continues to achieve, this L&D challenge through themed contests and encouraging vast user contributions.

Buy-in = Engagement

The Tempur Sealy team quickly realized that high retail-team buy-in equates to high team morale, which then equates to high team engagement both online and offline, industry-wide. Through The Snooz, Tempur Sealy’s team offered a resource to engage with – not only for a great product – but also for opportunities to help grow business.

User Profile Submissions + Contributions

The Snooz has high user engagement rates – all thanks to establishing itself as a vast growth resource for proven sales techniques, pro tips, and anecdotes. It is a community where people adopting it for product information also engage in the user contributions portion of the platform.

Why are user contributions important? Because they drive culture, community, and influence. On Earth Day this year (April 22nd) they saw an immense increase in user posts. These posts ranged from instructions on how to participate in Earth Day activities to one-sheets on what each team is doing to push sustainability and environmental efforts, and most importantly reflecting the community values this spread out team shares and a mission they all work towards. There are comments on their Earth Day module from team members that include: “Things like this make me proud of our company” which display the thoughtfulness behind user engagement and an established community value.

page of tempur sealy LMS "the snooz" with user contributions of earth day initiatives

Themed Contests

Another culture-driving initiative that The Snooz pushes is themed contests. Tempur Sealy’s team drives even further community engagement on the platform by hosting themed contests between stores and LMS users. Themed contests boost morale and break down the barriers between teams – all for the commonality of bragging rights. Themes may be centered around a retail store’s product information, a specific monthly holiday, or the prize for the winner of that themed contest.

sales contest page on tempur sealy LMS 'the snooz'

the Benefits

Higher Engagement, Bonded Community

The strength of their established community platform The Snooz has created a community with intentionally developed shared values amongst users of Tempur Sealy’s platform. With some of the highest user contributions and participation in themed contests, there is evidence that learning and fun can coexist in a vast community setting.


Increase in active users in one month


Increase in new users


2+ minute increase in average user session


Decrease in bounce rate

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