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We built our platform alongside some of the most recognizable brands in the industry. Over the years, they helped shape our product and features through rigorous testing and real-world feedback. We love our restaurant crews, passionate about people and service, and have a learning solution that’s as dynamic as your brand.

LMS for Restaurants

All your formal L&D, training, tracking, and management capabilities ready to enhance critical competencies, reduce onboarding time, and deliver compliance requirements. Manage the benefits of digital training for every job function.

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mockup of wisetail admin software; multiple boxes, including text: reports; enrollments overdue, enrollments pending; top performers: marissa thompson, april rhodes; need assistance; 231 users online
mockup of wisetail social features, including lots of text; picture of man, text: Welcome to the Team, Joaquin! Please gives a warm welcome to Joaquin Highwater, our new General Manager for Store #1921! Very excited to bring him on board. - Posted yb April Rhodes - comments from Danny Watkins and Joaquin Highwater - STOKED to meet you , Joaquin! and Stoked to meet my new team, Danny!; comments from Keagan Madden and Liam Jones - You are hereby recognized! Way to go, great job bringing #1921 up to speed so fast" - from Keegan Madden; Hey, you're one of the best managers I've ever had! - from Liam Jones. Text: CONGRATS! You're the Top Performing GM in Q2 for Southwest Region!; text: Joaquin H. Job Title - General MGR; Start Date - 2/19/18; Employee ID; Store NO. Phone Number.

LXP for Restaurants

Turn on and turn up learner experience with social, communication, gamification, and engagement features geared to build a community of service savvy employees ready to deliver your brand promise to every customer.

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Proudly serving restaurant success

Key Benefits

Reduce Onboarding Time

Reduce time to productivity with effective, modern training that reliably shares your customer survive imperatives as well as your SOPs. Deploy easy to navigate training company-wide.

Support Rapid Growth

Efficiently scale and support new restaurant openings, standardize training practices, improve oversight, and maintain your brand’s culture with growth.

Cultivate Company Culture

Encourage thriving brand communities by empowering employees to share stories and cultural fun with our social, contribution, and enhanced profile features.

Ensure Consistency

Restaurant innovators use Wisetail to ensure consistent position and service training, improve communication, and perform seamless guest experiences across all locations.

Features That Go to Work for You

Modern Content Builder

  • Drag & drop builder
  • Add brand fonts & colors
  • Draft & preview as you create
  • Expansive media & content options
  • Granular permissions

Operational Tools

  • Digital Daily Checklist tool
  • Observation Checklists
  • Embed operational forms
  • Create subject matter pages
  • Track employee progress

Track & Report

  • Save & schedule reports
  • Configure columns & display order
  • Track social & engagement metrics
  • Establish admin reporting roles
  • Add data integrations

Enhanced Communications

  • Four Dialog types
  • Monitor engagement
  • Configure email notifications
  • Likes, comments, votes & ratings
  • Feature comms on any site page
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QSR & Fast Casual

Customers have come to expect a lot from their favorite quick-eat restaurants. If you’re growing as fast as this competitive space you need an L&D tool that goes way beyond training. Choose Wisetail to be your company hub, to engage learners, and to build loyal employees invested in growing the business and serving happy customers, time-and-time again.

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A woman in front of her restaurant committing to the highest standards of people assurance and safety for her guests and employees.

Full Service

You’re busy creating the unique experiences your customers crave, so you need a training, communications and brand-building LXP that works as hard as you. With Wisetail you’ll do more than reduce time to productivity and cross-train agile employees ready for busy shifts and change operational demands. You’ll create a family of teammates ready to succeed.

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Business Needs

Solutions for Business Needs

Whether you need a traditional LMS or the social features of an LXP, our solutions are designed to help you successfully execute on your Learning & Development and people strategies.

Employee Training →

Keeping employees engaged and growing is more important than ever in today’s competitive talent market.

Franchise Businesses →

Improve continuity and oversight when you manage your entire franchise network on a single platform for training, SOP’s, and communications.

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Client Stories

See How the Best Get to Work

Our clients track and measure their L&D strategy so it aligns with KPIs. See how they add humor and creativity to training and communications to build robust do-it-all systems.

burrito bowl with fork on yellow background next to lumina foods logo

Lumina Foods

Lumina Foods, the parent of four food service companies, implemented their LMS as an efficient one-stop-shop for training modules and team resources.
krispy kreme glazed donuts on red background with krispy kreme logo

Krispy Kreme

The L&D team at Krispy Kreme used their system, Dough Pro, to reimagine how they deliver core training and services to franchise partners and team members.
caesar salad with chicken in a bowl on teal background with Chopt logo


Chopt uses Observation Checklists to verify skills training. In-person performance is logged, noted, and stored on the LMS in the learner’s profile.