“Using an LMS like Wisetail can help protect franchisees by making sure their team members are trained consistently and thoroughly.”

The ROI of Wisetail and Jamba

An in-depth look into how Jamba uses Wisetail to reduce training time for each of their locations.

In a franchise organization, it’s important that guests have a consistent experience whether they go to a corporate or franchise location. The level of service and products customers experience should be as constant and recognizable as the brand itself. Wisetail helps you reach that goal by standardizing training throughout franchise organizations, like Jamba, all on one engaging platform. With efficiency comes savings—Jamba saved millions in onboarding costs by reducing time to productivity for new hires by two weeks.

System Facts

  • 9,200 new employees onboarded each year
  • 40% reduction in training time, from five to three weeks
  • $5.2 million labor cost savings due to reduced onboarding time

Jamba has more than 800 franchise and corporate stores, with 12,000 users. Zoe Maduros is Jamba’s Director of Organizational Effectiveness & Learning and says Wisetail’s social and communication features have created a sense of community and team across the organization. Her team worked to create a buzz around the new LMS by launching whole sets of courses. Paired with robust reporting features, the fresh LMS cut training time by 40% and saved the company $5.2 million in labor costs.


Jamba’s previous LMS wasn’t flexible enough for a franchise organization. Communication around training was indirect and ineffective. Reports gave little insight, and updating training material was difficult and time-consuming, Zoe says.


Wisetail gave Zoe and her team the ability to easily update and disseminate high-quality digital training. Social features improved communication between both franchise and corporate, and employees and management. Reports like Wisetail Adoption and Vitality gave leadership a richer understanding of an LMS success.

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