Discuss and Collaborate
Increase Engagement


Increased Engagement

Wisetail’s social features drive culture within your organization. Learners may contribute to a discussion, share media, or seek feedback from their peers.


Discuss & Collaborate

Just like they do in the workplace, learners can talk through concepts or techniques using Wisetail’s social tools. Boost efficiency and make your LMS a source of institutional knowledge.


Community Growth

A social LMS means users can share content with colleagues. Videos, photos, and discussions all bring people together and strengthen company culture.

The Benefits of Social

Most learning comes from informal social interactions. A social LMS takes the best aspects of this notion, empowering users to work together, solve challenges, and share successes.

The Result

You can experiment with how social learning fits with your learning strategy. Admins have full control over the social and communication features. Toggle the features on or off within courses if they become distracting, and review user uploads before they go live.

“I really like the community base of it. If we have a strong community inside the company, then outside the company will seem so much stronger. This is exactly what we wanted.”

Nicole McMasterDirector of Administration at Cardio Barre


Blended Learning

The most effective learning experiences combine traditional instruction with modern training methods.

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