Tailored Learning
Multimedia Capabilities


Tried & True Method

LMS blended learning gives users the opportunity to complete eLearning at their own pace and work through challenging concepts in-person with skilled trainers.


Enhanced by Social Features

Our communication tools connect users, creating an environment in which trainees can ask questions and share their learning experiences with other learners.


Access Live. Track Online.

Keep the results of all learner assessments within the LMS, regardless of whether they took place online or in-person. Wisetail helps you stay organized, combining real-world learning with robust reporting tools.

Blended learning in an LMS

Blended learning is the combination of traditional in-person training with online courses. Our system captures in-person assessments and attaches them to the learner’s online transcript, so admins can easily track and schedule learning outside the LMS.

Higher Learning Retention

Build engaging courses that ensure users learn the material. We designed Wisetail’s LMS to incorporate a variety of training methods that maximize the experience of your users.

“Observation checklists fit in everywhere for us. It’s like closing the circle with training because you teach someone online and hope they understand it. But when they can actually go do it? That’s the difference maker.”

Georgette VlangosDirector of Training at Chopt



Gain points for interactions and move up the leaderboard.

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