Dynamic Courses
Content Creation


Course Authoring

Wisetail’s course creation tools let you design content tailored to your unique audience. Upload video, even manage in-person events — whatever you need to turn your ideas into engaging, effective content.


Build Dynamic Courses

Design courses that catch the user’s attention with embedded or uploaded videos, photos, PDFs, slideshows, microlearning, SCORM, and other file types.


Intuitive Tools

We designed our admin tools with a high degree of empathy so admins can use them right away. Spend less time learning the system and more time delivering great content.

LMS Course Authoring in Wisetail

Our built-in course authoring tools are intuitively built so admins can spend their time crafting original material for users. Respond in real time to specific content needs with a variety of media types that catch and hold your user’s attention.

The result

With our LMS course authoring tools, you can make interesting, useful content that addresses your organization’s challenges. Upload videos of best practices, build courses with in-person training—courses that resonate.

“Our customer service experience at Wisetail has been top notch. If I were to describe the partnership that CHOPT has with Wisetail I would say that it’s very collaborative, that we work in sync. ”

Georgette VlangosDirector of Training at CHOPT


Social & Collaborative

Receive social feedback directly from everyone in your online learning community.

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