Outdoor Voices

Find out how Wisetail helped Outdoor Voices scale and succeed by engaging employees, exceeding KPIs, and growing their community.

Scale With Wisetail

A one-stop-shop for training resources and communication.

Outdoor Voices uses their LMS as a one-stop-shop to efficiently scale their business. Getting all the training and communication resources needed for opening a new location is a breeze.

Engagement that Drives Results

Month-over-month increases in employee engagement.

Outdoor Voices uses their LMS to gamify learning and incentivize employee training. This approach has been a huge success, with initiatives like sales contests giving a big boost to their KPIs.

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Join Our Community

The Wisetail Customer Experience team is your sounding board.

Outdoor Voices uses the Wisetail Customer Experience team as an extension of their company. They've built connections within Wisetail’s 200+ strong client community, tapping into their deep reservoir of knowledge around training strategies and employee engagement.

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Photos courtesy of Outdoor Voices. Please visit their website to learn more.

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