A letter from the President

Wisetail Vision and Values

Ali Knapp | June 20, 2019

Wisetail is not the company it was three years ago. We’ve grown in number, set our goals higher, and become part of a larger organization.

Through all this change, we still believe in putting people first. We believe in the empowerment and growth of our people, our clients, and the learners that use our software daily. We know that we can’t help our partners become great places to work if we aren’t one ourselves. So, we looked at this moment in time as an opportunity to reset Wisetail’s vision and values, to find a new true north as we travel a new path — to grow with change.

Wisetail remains a small enough company that it felt right to step off the treadmill of daily tasks and make time for this process. It would’ve been more expedient to form an interdepartmental task force. But we wanted to move slowly and with deliberation. We wanted every person in every department to have the chance to speak and be heard.

The process we settled on called for leadership to reshape the vision and values framework, and then meet with each department in turn. At each meeting, we all talked through the four core values. We bounced around ideas for supporting statements. These supporting statements help lend context to an umbrella concept — such as ‘We reach the apex together’ — and what that means on a day-to-day basis, as each of us goes about our work.

Here’s where we arrived:

We grow with change

We lean in and face every day with optimism.

We recognize uncertainty as opportunity.

We learn from the past while maintaining a forward focus.

We embrace an iterative and inquisitive culture.

We understand change is necessary for progress.


We write great stories

We encourage creativity, nurturing growth, and amplifying voices.

We inspire our team, our clients, and our community.

We give others the tools, insights, and inspiration to impact their people.

We empower people to make independent choices that further the team.

We believe in our people.


We reach the apex together

We believe individual success leads to organizational success.

We follow through on our commitments.

We are one team following a unified direction.

We trust one another and the process.

We laugh, have fun, and celebrate wins.


We are all in, every day

We start with ‘Good morning.’

We show up, speak up, listen, and bring our WHOLE YOU!

We commit to continuously learning.

We defy the odds.

We invest in the people that surround us.


The result of our slow, deliberate process is a collection of values that we can rally around in times of uncertainty. Because, as stated above, uncertainty is opportunity.

We’re excited about what the future holds for Wisetail.

Ali Knapp

President, Multi-Unit Operations