Capri Holdings team standing in front of Jimmy Choo brand label

Use Case

How Capri Holdings Created a Global Fanbase In Their LMS

with Capri Holdings | 3 min read

The Challenge

Diverse and Globally Dispersed

As a global fashion industry leader, Capri Holdings faced a challenge: unifying a diverse and globally dispersed body of passionate employees under one (rather stylish) umbrella. To do so, they needed to effectively and efficiently convey their company vision across numerous channels, with the end goal of connecting their community.

The Solution

Unifying Multinational Teams Under One (Rather Stylish) Umbrella

Capri Holdings used their Learning Management System (LMS) to promote a singular sense of cultural identity and community. They achieved their desired results by implementing big changes in small, incremental steps. By proceeding with a phased approach, Capri Holdings was able to test and validate their offerings, and develop a proven plan for future implementation.

Starting Small

Capri Holdings started their initial stage of implementation by focusing on a single company under their umbrella, Michael Kors. They introduced the LMS to Michael Kors employees, placed a considerable emphasis upon interacting with the platform, and received valuable feedback. By devoting their preliminary energy and attention to a smaller focus group, they found interactive, configurable solutions that would work best for their employees.

Assessing a New Tool

After collecting the feedback from their Michael Kors employees, Capri Holdings was ready to assess their results. They focused on measuring levels of connectivity, involvement, and overall communication between employees.

Expanding the Excitement

Utilizing their preliminary data gathered from the Michael Kors launch, the Capri Holdings team developed a clear understanding and realistic expectations of how to successfully set up their LMS within their other companies. Thus, establishing an efficient and forward-thinking plan.


The Benefits

A Roadmap for the Future

The phased launch of Capri Holdings LMS resulted in a wealth of valuable information and a game plan for future setup. But what was the immediate feedback from the Michael Kors staff?

Michael Kors employees fully embraced the platform! Their employees displayed great enthusiasm for interacting with their coworkers and there was a flood of recognition for achievements. Managers and leaders alike, expressed value in enrollments, reporting, and curated learning journeys. 

Most notable is the strong sense of inclusive community that emerged, and successfully spanned both cultural and international borders – allowing employees to form connections regardless of distance.