Next generation tools designed to deliver on the people, process,
and performance management solutions your business demands.


Daily Checklist

Delightfully simple to create, edit, and manage, our powerful Daily Checklist Tool connects training to daily tasks and facilitates a seamless user experience. Digitize your daily routines for improved tracking, accountability, and sustainability. Deploy a uniform solution across your organization with just one tap.

Features that check the box.

Multi-User Completion

Interruptions happen. Save and exit, or pick up where a colleague left off.

Media Uploads

A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload media and images to bring it to life and verify from afar.

Seamless Experience for Admins and Users

Easy to set up, easy to use.

Four Configurable Question Types

For every assessment need, configured to your organization.

Wisetail Templates

Off-the-shelf options to get you started quickly. Use as-is, or edit to meet your specific needs.

Visibility & Tracking

Dashboards show progress and scoring to admins and users alike.



Your learning management system should empower a diverse and inclusive workforce. Wisetail’s new Multi-Language Tool meansĀ all your learners will feel at home within the Wisetail learning platform. Build a strong and unified community that’s prepared to bring your company’s vision to life.

Features that say it all.

Granular Management

Say exactly what you mean with admin-controlled translation areas.

Dynamic Translation

One-click translations for social features including comments and posts.

Navigate With Ease

Native system and navigational translations provided by Wisetail.

Welcome Everyone

Language Selection configures a user’s experience from their first interaction.


Data Connector

Informed decisions are made with better information. Wisetail’s Data Connector serves up the raw data you need to connect LMS initiatives and training to business decisions, demonstrate ROI, and optimize performance.

Features that connect the dots.

Track LMS Activity

Content completions, content views, enrollment, and a host of other pertinent user actions.

Data Protection

We’re committed to protecting your data. Please review our Privacy Policy, and Data Processing Agreement.

Built on Snowflake

Because every business is unique. This powerful connector is the industry standard, open to almost every BI and analytics tool on the market.

Clear-Cut Organization

Use LMS attributes to slice, dice, and organize data.

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Join us for a look at Wisetail’s new advanced tools. Three tools designed to deliver enterprise-level capabilities to improve your people, process, and performance management needs.