Modern Learning for the Future of Work

Games are a central part of the modern lifestyle experience: 75% of all U.S. households have someone who plays competitive video games. In fact, 64% of U.S. adults play video games regularly.

With that high of a percentage of the population engaged in competitive gaming, there has to be a way to harness this trend and use it to help create a happier and more productive team at work, right? Gamified learning seeks to do just that. Through games and friendly social competition, many companies have improved several aspects of training and work experience.

Professional development and learning have evolved past the standard PowerPoint presentations, large and intimidating handbooks, and long tests. Use of social and gamified learning promotes a healthier and happier company culture, makes employees more enthusiastic about learning, and encourages retention of the material.

This whitepaper will discuss:

  1. What leaders need to know about gamified learning
  2. Its benefits for their teams
  3. Tips for its successful use in professional development
illustration of lms and lxp remote work, text: why you need an lxp, not just an lms