Using Your Learning Management System to Skill Workers and Pivot Quickly

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We are always at the mercy of the unknown. While we ride different waves of the market, we are forced to continually look at growth plans and budgets. When the market is heading downward, we are forced to regroup. Some pull out a familiar playbook: slow down and do more with less. But that isn’t always an option. Many organizations operate at a fast-paced transformation pace. They engage in and digitize products, services, and customer interactions at an accelerated rate – all while striving to engage, train, and retain a workforce that grows increasingly weary in an ever-evolving world. Regrouping looks different for those who cannot simply follow the old strategy of doing more with less.

The new strategy involves a powerful resource: L&D programs. L&D programs and platforms can be used to rapidly upskill & reskill workers to meet new business demands, create a culture of continuous learning, and engage workers in creating new career opportunities.

This whitepaper will discuss:

  1. Why L&D is a learning essential in a changing market
  2. The ins and outs of L&D budgets
  3. How you can use L&D to maneuver and pivot
  4. How L&D and strategy  go hand in hand