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Wisetail LMS Features


Custom Branded Design

We customize your solutions to look and feel like your organization’s brand. The result: a platform that’s an extension of your company culture, one that users find familiar and easy to adopt.


Easy-to-Use Interface

An online training solution should feel as modern as every other cloud-based platform. We designed Wisetail’s solutions to mirror the experience of the most popular online communities.


Social and Collaborative

We believe in the power of community. Wisetail’s LMS connects users from every corner of your organization. Contribute to a discussion, share media, and seek feedback from your peers.


Intuitive Course Authoring

We understand your time is valuable and you need a solution that is easy-to-learn and use. That’s why we designed our built-in admin tools to make course authoring a breeze.


Blended Learning

The most effective learning experiences combine traditional instruction with the latest trends in training. Whether you use SCORM, video, instructor-led, and in-person assessment scoring – we’ve got you covered.


Reporting & Analytics

Monitor your users’ progress and automate reporting with tools that allow admins and managers to streamline day-to-day tasks. In-depth reporting and analytics keep you in tune with the health of your learning and development programs.