Wisetail Sub Processors

Wisetail collaborates with external organizations to deliver specific services integral to our product offering. In scenarios where these entities function as sub-processors of personal data, following the guidelines outlined in the Wisetail Data Processing Agreement, the roster of sub-processors can be found below.

Used Within SaaS Application

AWS - Cloud Service Provider
Splunk - Log and Security Data
JW Player - Video Player in the Platform
Filestack - Upload Management
Twilio - Client notifications
Mailgun - System Email Processing
Github - Source Code Repository
Encoding.com - Video Transcoding
Pendo - Application Performance Monitoring
New Relic - Application Performance Monitoring
Merge - System Integrator
Google Firebase - Push Notifications

Used in Company Operations

Zendesk - Client Support Help Desk
- Sales and Client Services Management
- Internal Communications
Google Business Suite
- Core Business Email, Calendar