Develop Your Company into a Community

Unify business and people strategies for an effective talent development program. Start with a strong people promise to deliver on organizational goals and create an engaged community of employees empowered to grow your business.

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Talent & Development Programs

Achieve Better Business Outcomes with Engaged Employees

Everyone has space to grow, learn new skills, and perform at a higher level. Talent and people development include strategies for employees, partners, and customers — not just strategies that benefit stakeholders.

We were able to react quickly to the pandemic in early 2020, and cross-train all our restaurant staff so that we could stay open and operate effectively with lower staff counts at each location. We wouldn't have been able to do this without CBYou, our Wisetail platform.

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Develop CX Superstars

Better Customer Experiences

More knowledgeable, better-skilled staff will deliver superior customer experiences and keep your clients coming back. Ensure teammates are motivated, on-brand and more than capable to solve customer needs.

Prove L&D ROI
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Resilient Workforces

Training that Works

Build an agile and resilient organization with employees who can adapt to change. Deliver continuous learning programs that upskill employees and prepare them – and you – for the business of the future.

Train For Resiliency
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Learn Bagel Brands’ Secrets for Managing Change & Powering Growth

Bagel Brands used their Wisetail platform to navigate 2020. Our flexible LMS was a critical tool to navigate leadership, organizational, process, and product changes, and helped them achieve big business goals.

Bagel Brads: Managing Change and Powering Growth webinar


For The Best To Get To Work

Our customers use the Wisetail platform to ensure their teams use the best, most effective methods to grow their business.

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Philz Coffee: Using your LMS to Reskill Your Workforce

In 2020, Philz pivoted to online ordering and pickup at the door, and had to rethink customer experience and train for safety regulations weekly, if not daily.
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Development Revolution: Aligning Culture & Strategy

In today’s competitive business environment, executives recognize that company culture plays a leading role in driving business results.
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3 Ways 2020 Forever Changed the HR Space

Navigating “Do more with less” (or uncertainty?) organizations quickly made plans to upskill existing employees on new technologies to be more efficient and reskill existing employees to tackle urgent tasks.