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Safety. Everywhere. Every Day.

Commit to a Safe Campus

Protek People Assurance puts the health, safety, and wellbeing of your students and faculty at the heart of what you do. Track and certify completion and comprehension of critical training topics while ensuring the safety of your campus community.

New Normal Meets New Standards

Protek People Assurance is an on-demand eLearning and certification program empowering organizations to deliver essential and timely health and safety training. Backed by Intertek, global quality assurance leader, Protek is designed to instill public confidence. Try it today for free.

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Boost Public Confidence

Health, safety, and wellness are top of mind worldwide. Protek People Assurance is a simple and engaging training solution that certifies your commitment to the highest standards of safety for your students and faculty.

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Protek People Assurance makes peace of mind simple. Ensure public confidence and campus safety in just three easy steps. To learn more, download our PDF.

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From the Press Release

As a purpose-led company, Intertek’s mission is to make the world a better and safer place. Never has this core purpose been more relevant than now. This the moment where our mission critical role in society truly comes to life, across all sectors and all business lines as we bring solutions the world needs now, everywhere, every day.

André Lacroix, CEO of Intertek

We’re excited to provide the essential training businesses need to succeed in a post-pandemic world. Our intuitive platform will quickly get your employees ready for new standards, boosting consumer confidence and ensuring the health and safety of your company.

Ali Knapp, Wisetail President