Are operational variables putting your business at risk?

Stay ahead of risks with OnTrack, a modern checklist bringing operations and learning together in the moments it matters most.

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OnTrack Overview

Go Beyond Task Management

Keep operations running smoothly with OnTrack, an easy-to-use checklist solution that helps teams manage the variables that put your business at risk through tasks, understanding, and corrective actions. With valuable reporting capabilities, managers can track and view activity compliance and gain insights into training gaps.

Accelerate Productivity

Upskill team members faster and reduce costs associated with inefficient operations. Empower your workforce with the tools they need to excel and drive your organization toward greater success.

Create, manage and organize activities by priority, location, and due date

Mobile-first interface allows team members to access lists wherever they are needed

Deliver Consistency

Create consistent guest experiences across all locations when you schedule, assign and notify team members of activities and checklists, eliminating the risk of “I forgot” and “what’s next”.

Powerful checklist permissions deliver responsibilities into the hands of the assigned teams

Collaborative checklist features help get more work done the right way

Create Accountability

Empower employees to learn positive behaviors and do what is expected. Build a culture that values accountability and consistency, contributing to your overall goals.

See and ensure compliance of completed activities with media uploads

Achieve desired results with centralized LMS training and communication capabilities

Improve Insights

Monitor, make informed decisions, and identify additional required training with reporting capabilities. Show regulatory compliance with digital records of activities.

Use insights to identify additional learning opportunities when you measure compliance

Manage errors effectively when you understand the root cause


Keep work moving everyday, wherever your teams are

Easily plan, manage, and prioritize checklists to ensure work is completed from start to finish, at your desired frequency, so no step is missed .

Collaborative checklists

Work together

Collaborative checklists reduce the risk of missing steps or incomplete tasks, allowing teams to collaborate on both individual tasks and checklists as a whole.

Correctives & to-do’s

Make sure you stay in compliance

Allow users to create and communicate follow-up actions for tasks to achieve desired outcomes.

Insights & reporting

Make informed decisions across your organization

Unlock data and gain insight into operational compliance and training gaps when aligned with your Wisetail LMS.

Bring it all together in one platform.

Learning Management

Onboard and train frontline teams faster, with tailored experiences designed to make learning engaging and fun, while being easy to manage.

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Content Management

Keep content synced, online or offline, and accessible from anywhere – within just two clicks, so your frontline can access resources at the point of need.

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Integrations & Automations

Wisetail seamlessly connects learning and your digital ecosystem. Create a streamlined, intuitive online experience.

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