Shadow Le Mew

What is your human’s name? Estee
Breed: Mixed
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 18, 2020

Where did you come from? How did you find your human(s)?
My human found me at a cat rescue in Boise, ID. She couldn’t resist my fluffiness.

How long have you been with your human(s)?
I joined my humans last summer and it’s been non-stop fun of chasing the dog and knocking things over ever since!

What’s your favorite activity?
I like playing with the dog, but he doesn’t seem to like to play very much. I do also enjoy meeting bombing my humans, spilling their coffee, and then giving cuddles.

Something you might not know about me:
My full name is “Shadow Oreo Whiskers La Mew.”

In one sentence, what do you bring to Wisetail?
I bring order. I am great at keeping dogs in line— and love to play — so I can also make work fun!

When I’m not at Wisetail, you’ll find me….
Climbing around in my home office trying to cause chaos or chasing the dog, Bacon Bit.

Shadow sitting on a couch