Rachael Nordby

She’s been all around the world, but Bozeman always called to Rachael.

If you threw a dart at a map, you would probably hit a country that Rachael has family in. Growing up as a big-city kid in London and Hong Kong, Rachael admittedly couldn’t stay away from the mountains. So, about six years ago when she visited Bozeman, she just decided to stay.

And why not? Bozeman was the place she visited growing up that she learned so many of the outdoor activities she grew to love, and the access was there.

So was Wisetail.

Rachael was openly drawn to Wisetail because of its mission to power the employee experience, and the moment she saw an opening on Client Experience team, she jumped on it. She knows that when she is successful, her clients are successful, and that furthering the CX-as-consultant-expert approach of Wisetail is a key to that success.

When she’s not at Wisetail, Rachael can always be found knee-deep in something: snow, rivers, or walking her new pup, Freyr.