Where did you come from? How did you find your human(s)?

A shelter in Boise, Idaho that was too full – my parents drove out to save me.

How long have you been with your human(s)?

Since 2013.

What’s your favorite activity?

Snuggling. Eating. Napping. And hiking with my pack.

Something you might now know about me:

I was pretty beat-up when my parents got me – and I almost didn’t make it because I got very sick, but when I got better I was one of the toughest (and smallest) in our pack of 5 other pups!

I am a critical team member at Wisetail. My title is:

Crumb Patrol Officer

In one sentence, what do you bring to Wisetail?

Every day I’m snugglin’.

When I’m not at Wisetail, you’ll find me….

Hiking with my pack and climbing the tallest peaks!

What is your humans name? Cristy

Breed: Rat Terrier / Chihuahua

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 19, 2013