Moriah Ellig

Moriah is in charge of crafting our client’s user experience and adapting it to help bring brands to life through their LMS. Her eye for detail helps to proactively improves our users’ experience by focusing on the accessibility and usability of our LMS.

Hailing from eastern Washington state, Moriah spent her summers in Montana hiking, fishing, and camping in Yellowstone National Park. She moved to Bozeman to attend Montana State University, where she received her degree in graphic design and taught herself web design. A love of the mountains has kept her in Bozeman since graduating. Wisetail’s compassionate people and dedication to service are just a few of the reasons she joined the team.

Moriah’s love of travel has taken her all over the world including Taiwan, the UK, and Russia. If you’re out and about in Bozeman, you’re likely to see Moriah shredding the local ski hill during the winter months or sipping espresso at one of the coffeehouses around town.