Lucas Barbula

If a genie appeared and offered to grant Lucas the opportunity to gain one world-renowned skill, he would choose knitting.

Maybe it’s a choice based off a desire for self-sufficiency, since Lucas grew up on a ranch around Sheridan, Wyoming. Maybe we’ll never know why he’d pick knitting. What we do know is that Lucas has an enduring love for community agriculture and farming that stems from his upbringing.

Lucas joined Wisetail as a software engineer II after working as a web developer in Denver for a couple years. He earned a certificate in software development from Galvanize, a tech educator with campuses across the country.

Outside of work, you’re most likely to find Lucas outside enjoying any number of snow sports in the winter or figuring out the best way to combine his favorite summer pastimes of fly fishing, climbing, and biking.

Wisetail LMS employee Lucas.