Where did you come from? How did you find your human(s)? 

Long story, but started off at the local watering whole throwin back a few milk bones. Got a little hazy and next thing I know I’m waking up in a truck headed east from Missoula. See the guy driving and he looks like a decent dude, he gave me a couple pets and a french fry and its been love ever since.

How long have you been with your human(s)? Too long

What’s your favorite activity? Well, I like to start off with an early morning roll-about on the carpet, letting Casey know I’m ready for the day about 6 am. From there I chase a couple sticks around the backyard and head to work. I’d say my favorite is chewing on the remote while dads gone…something about those $25 buttons tastes so good!

Something you might now know about me: I spent a summer studying abroad at the dog park a few blocks over. Was great, anytime dad left the house I’d scale the fence and hit the streets to go see the foreigners. Was crazy that everyone was on a leash and I was just the wild tourist. Eventually had to get sent back and dad seemed pretty surprised to see me.
I never get left outside anymore and have no clue why…

In one sentence, what do you bring to Wisetail? Friday afternoon 6-pack

When I’m not at Wisetail, you’ll find me…. Walking the runway or working on my latest dog specific luxury workout clothing line

What is your human’s name? Casey

Breed: Austrailian Shepherd

Gender: Male

Birthday: 9/25/16