Kevin Young

Westfield, New York is perhaps better known as the home of Grace Bedell, the woman who at age 11 famously wrote to Abe Lincoln, telling him grow out his beard. To us, though, Westfield is known as the hometown of Kevin, a member of our Client Experience team.

Kevin left home for college, Kent State University, where he earned a degree in journalism and mass communication. He also holds a master’s in strategic communication from American University. After completing his undergraduate studies, Kevin joined the Air Force, a career that took him to California, Alabama, Montana, and Mississippi.

After leaving the Air Force, Kevin worked in Washington D.C. as a project manager and got hooked on running, first with the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run. Since then, Kevin has run one trail marathon and 12 road marathons, three trail 50Ks, and one 50-mile race. Outside of work and running, you’re liable to find Kevin snowboarding, going to concerts, or walking around town with his golden retriever, Finn.

Wisetail LMS support employee Kevin.