Kelly Meredith

Most folks who move to Montana do it for the outdoors, but Kelly Meredith made the move to get things done: she came here to work as Director of Development at the Montana State University Foundation. In her spare time, Kelly also co-founded one of Wisetail’s favorite coffee spots, Treeline Coffee Roasters.

Kelly started the trek west from her home state of North Carolina. She graduated from the University of North Carolina with degrees in Spanish and Sociology. The diverse set of skills developed there served Kelly well as she went into the nonprofit sector, working with mission-driven organizations advancing causes such as early childhood nutrition and higher education, before ultimately finding a home for her creativity and drive within Bozeman’s growing tech community.

Outside of office hours, Kelly loves being active and outside with her animals: Dylan, husband, and Tala, dog. Or she can be found exploring her interests in mentorship, coaching, community building, and cooking.

Kelly Meredith headshot