Jon Edwards

Jon is a native Ohioan who moved out West for college and stayed for the adventuring.

He earned a degree in computer science and math from Lewis & Clark College Jon parlayed his web developer skills into a job that let him ski bum around Jackson Hole for a couple years, before he migrated north to Bozeman to settle down.

In Bozeman, Jon started a residential construction company, adopted a dog, got married and had two boys. Somewhere along the way, Jon found time to get a private pilot’s license, too. He eventually got back into programming, plying his talents with Montana State University and Oracle before joining the dev team here at Wisetail.

Outside of work, you’re likely to find Jon exploring the outdoors with his family. His boys are now in elementary school and old enough to start learning the skills to camp, bike, ski, and float—all the things that Jon loves to do.