Joe Sweeney

Joe is a native Montanan who grew up farming on the Treasure State’s central plains.

He took a somewhat circuitous path to both software engineering and Wisetail. Joe attended Montana State University here in Bozeman and earned a degree in music technology. On the side, however, he started to get into programming and web design.

Joe’s dalliance with programming blossomed into an IT job with MSU’s School of Music after graduation. And that job snowballed into a gig as a web software developer with the state’s largest newspaper which, after a few more of life’s twists and turns, led to his work here at Wisetail.

Outside of work you’re likely to find him living the Montana life: skiing through the winter, hiking the summers. Joe still writes music, too, but openly admits that if the weather’s nice he’ll simply take off on his bike to explore Bozeman.

Wisetail LMS Services Engineer Joe Sweeney.