Hilary Stecker

Hilary is a woman who knows what she’s all about: she’s been smitten with sales since her very first business class at Western Michigan University.

After earning a sales and business marketing degree, Hilary spent six years honing her skills in the big city of Chicago before she and her husband decided they needed a change of pace — because Hilary is also all about adventure.

The Mitten State native and her husband moved to Bozeman, sight mostly unseen. Unfazed, they quickly settled in. In short order Hilary picked up a pup named Gryffindor and became a key member of our sales team.

Outside of the office, Hilary can be found enjoying all of what the Bozeman outdoors has to offer — hiking, camping, floating, fishing, etc. — particularly when the adventure ends with a cold beer and TSwift tunes.

Wisetail LMS Sales Engineer, Hilary Stecker.