Gunner & Rocco

Where did you come from? How did you find your human(s)?
Gunner – My mom rescued me in Bozeman, MT. They told her I was the ugliest dog and that nobody wanted me 🙁 She thought I was so loveable and cute so she adopted me and gave me a furever home!
Rocco – My mom knew that my brother was lonely, so she searched high and low for the purfect roommate. She found me and rescued me from a very bad shelter man who said that I wasn’t good anymore because I was scared and didn’t let people near me. My mom knew I was scared so she saved me and gave me a furever home. I sure do love my brother Gunner and my mom & dad.

How long have you been with your human(s)?
Gunner was adopted when he was six months old. Rocco was adopted when he was 2 years old.

What’s your favorite activity?
Gunner – laying in the sun, watching birds, catching birds, fishing with Mom & Dad, car rides & adventuring with Mom & Dad.
Rocco – playing tennis ball, swimming in the water, cuddling, and adventuring with my family.

Something you might not know about me:
Gunner – My mom has taught me lots of tricks, if you see me ask for a high five. I might give you a high ten! I also love to boop people so if you love slobber & booping you will love me.
Rocco – I like to pretend that I have superpowers so I hide under blankets and then when my mom calls me she can’t find me. When the moment is right I will jump out and scare her! I also love to sleep under blankets like my hoomans, it makes me happy.

In one sentence, what do you bring to Wisetail?
We make sure everyone always has a smile on their face and a snack in their hand.

When I’m not at Wisetail, you’ll find me….
You will find us out on the trail adventuring with mom, heading to the beach to play in our favorite ocean, or cuddling on the couch to watch a movie with mom.

What is your human’s name? Cody
Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer & German Shorthaired Pointer
Gender: Male
Birthday: Gunner 1/19/2016 | Rocco 5/9/2015