Chris Gibson

When you ask Chris about his goal as a software developer at Wisetail every answer is tied to improving people’s lives. Whether it’s impacting the lives of our clients by giving them software with a great user experience or the lives of the members on the Dev Team by always having their back – his priority is always human experience. He joined Wisetail because he was looking for new challenges and the opportunity to make a significant contribution to a growing, evolving product. The opportunity to grow and engineer in a place where culture and employee well-being is important was a perfect fit for him.

Chris grew up in Butte and moved to Bozeman after high school. He set the foundation for his future career by graduating from MSU with a BS in Computer Engineering. He honed his development skills in the real world and spent the past several years cleaning up legacy code at another large software company in Bozeman before joining us at Wisetail.

When he’s not at work you might find Chris hiking on the trails around Bozeman, floating down one of our world-class rivers or camped deep in one of our mountain ranges. He enjoys playing the guitar and video games, cooking, and hanging out with his wife Caroline.