Brent Davis

From the moment he was first introduced to an old school Atari as a kid, gaming has inspired Brent’s interest in using technology to help people connect, learn and imagine more. Today, that translates into his passion for redefining the meaning of learning management – taking it from being a drag to a fun social experience for the end user.

Brent’s self-taught mastery of software technology is one of the engines of Wisetail’s unique suite of services. As a full-stack developer, Brent specializes in feature development and is the genius behind a host of product developments that allow Wisetail to reinvent learning management from a technical standpoint.

Brent dabbles in video production, photography and music and finds space to chill with a good book or video game.


So I’ve been playing video games since I was a little kid. Back when I was very young my mother bought an Atari, one of the classic ones with a joystick, so I was always captivated by games from an early age. Video gaming is one of my passions just because there are so many different things you can do.,  You can do problem solving, you can create your own world, you can lead an army in Napoleonic wars, or you could make a rocket and launch yourself to the moon.  There’s just so many different things that you can do, whereas you can’t normally, I can’t put myself on a rocket and fly to the moon, that’s impossible for me right now. But with a video game I can do that. Video games seem a little isolated to a lot of people. When you’re sitting in a room, just with a controller and your TV, but it’s more than that, because behind that TV through the internet there are many people that you’re playing with all the time, even if they’re not right next to you. I have friends I’ve met from gaming in Chicago, New Zealand, and Australia. I have friends in Japan. I have friends all over the place that I’ve just met online through video games. It’s really nice way to connect to people with similar interests.