Becca Mulhill

If you really want to capture Becca’s attention, bring up an unsolved ‘whodunnit’. The Bozeman native is a true crime aficionado with a passion for digging into mysteries. So much so that Becca has pursued a little amateur sleuthing on her own (she emphasizes the ‘amateur’ part).

Becca earned her degree from the University of Montana in Missoula. She spent the last several years in San Diego, working her way up the ranks doing marketing and content management. After years in the big city, Becca is thrilled to be back in beautiful Bozeman near her family. She is excited to work in a client-centric role as part of our CX department, creating strong partnerships.

Beyond work, Becca spends just about every minute with her trusty pup, a Brittany Spaniel mix named Gus. They love taking advantage of Bozeman’s access to the great outdoors.

becca mulhill headshot