Beau Gooch

Originally from Idaho, Beau has a passion for fly fishing that’s downright Montanan. Which makes sense, because his fire for fishing sparked after relocating to his wife’s hometown of Bozeman during college. Of course, there’s a chance his love of the water stems from his extended family tree: Edward Teach is among his ancestors. You know, Blackbeard the Pirate.

After finishing school and having two daughters, Beau and his wife decided to make Bozeman their home. In Bozeman, Beau found a love for Business Development. He jumps at any chance to create meaningful connections with people and companies.

Beau is an avid soccer fan, and rarely misses a chance to cheer on FC Barcelona. And although he doesn’t consider himself a dancer, he can’t help but groove with his daughter to her favorite song, “Juju on that Beat”.

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