Ali Knapp

Ali Knapp is a foundational force in leading and growing a diverse client base as the President, Multi-Unit Business at Wisetail. Although her infectious laughter will always lighten the mood, her hard-charging work ethic has been instrumental in propelling Wisetail’s LMS and LXP solutions to greater heights.

Originally from Michigan, Ali earned her undergraduate degree in Packaging Engineering at Michigan State. After graduating, she began her career at Bausch & Lomb then moved onto Hewlett-Packard’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) division where she held several positions and managed a team that coordinated projects for Fortune 500 clients such as GE Health, Siemens, and Philips.

After initially leading the Wisetail CX team, Ali took the reins of business development as the Director of Sales. After that, She moved to COO and navigated the Wisetail team through two acquisitions resulting in Wisetail being part of the Intertek People Assurance business unit.

Ali unplugs by biking and exploring the mountains around Bozeman, MT, and hanging out with her Newfoundland – Johnny Cash.