Learning Management

Designed with you in mind, Wisetail’s LMS is the perfect online learning solution. Our LMS makes learning easy and fun. Our tools drive success in the eLearning environment.

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Social Collaboration

Our LMS looks and feels like a social media platform. Users build profiles, comment on each other’s accomplishments, and share content and videos with each other creating a shared learning environment.

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Culture and Communication

We offer more than an LMS, we offer a way to build your company’s culture. Every LMS we make is custom branded, and when given the chance to train in a social LMS, our learning software becomes the central hub for all employees.

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Course Authoring

As an admin, your focus needs to be on your learners, not learning new software. Our admin tool is engaging and intuitive, so you can build content that speaks to your learners and help them gain the skills they need.

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wisetail mobile friendly lms works on laptop

Powerful learning at your fingertips

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Wisetail works on all devices, whether Android or iOS, smartphone or tablet. We’ve designed our responsive platform to feel familiar for the modern user.

Limit Access

Designate who can access what content and from where, so you can limit your wage liability.

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Better, Faster Training

Wisetail reduces time to productivity and lets you deliver culture and training in an engaging format right from Day One.

Improved Communication

Deliver updates to every manager, employee, and franchisee in your network at once. Receive feedback in real-time.

“Wisetail is the starting point for every single new employee. From branding to content, we’re able to confirm our standards have been clearly communicated to everyone across the company & all of our stores are delivering a rich and consistent experience to our customers.”

Greg HogueDirector of Operations at Juice Generation



Jamba Juice used their LMS to save $5.2 million dollars in labor costs through reduced onboarding time.

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Smashburger Case Study

When Smashburger needed to train its growing workforce, they turned to their LMS to address their company’s rapid expansion.

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