If there’s a problem, you figure out how to fix it. You’re agile, scrappy, and just get stuff done.

Groundbreaker Traits

Groundbreakers are sometimes a solo act, or maybe half of a power duo. The common thread here is that groundbreakers are often the first to formalize and organize a company’s learning and development strategy. Their main skills are critical thinking and creative problem solving. Groundbreakers are immensely capable and play a critical role in growing a business: they systematize how things are done and build up company culture.

A Winning L&D Strategy

An LMS can be a powerful partner in your L&D strategy, enabling, maximizing, optimizing, expediting and exponentiating!
As a Groundbreaker you need a platform that complements your skills and creativity.
Here's what an LMS can bring to the table:

Peace of Mind

Onboard quickly and efficiently, reducing time to productivity.


Two-way communication lets you tailor the learning experience, which boosts engagement and lowers turnover.


Teach your origin story and give people a place to celebrate each others’ accomplishments.


Powerful reporting tools help you figure out the most effective training approaches.


Centralized communication means you can get the word out as fast as you need.


A one-stop shop where all your materials live, making it easier to manage the day-to-day.

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