Innovation through Instructional Design & AI: How A Major DIY Retailer Modernized their Internal Training

By leveraging, Wisetail, Intertek spearheaded the initiative to overhaul for a major do-it-yourself (DIY) retailer.

February 20, 2024 • 4 minute read

Intertek identified an opportunity to elevate its internal employee training within a trailblazing chain in home improveme retail. By leveraging its subsidiary, Wisetail, Intertek spearheaded the initiative to overhaul for a major do-it-yourself (DIY) retailer. Wisetail’s Learning Experience Design (LXD) team transformed the retailer’s outdated training modules into cutting-edge, interactive learning experiences. This strategic collaboration aimed to align with contemporary educational benchmarks and captivate a multifaceted employee demographic, while reinforcing Intertek’s commitment to quality in workforce development.

the challenge

Streamlining Learning for a Diverse Workforce

This DIY-retailer partners with Intertek collaborated with Wisetail to deliver the daunting task of maintaining up-to-date, engaging, and tailored training content within a reasonable budget. The existing training modules were cumbersome and failed to meet the dynamic learning objectives required for a diverse and evolving workforce. The challenge was to simplify the content, ensuring learning objectives were met, and supplement the new learning modules with quizzes to reinforce knowledge retention. Additionally, there was a critical need for learning to be engaging, modernized and digestible.

the Solution

Harnessing AI for Engaging Learning Experiences

The adoption of an AI-powered content generation tool (Synthesia AI) by Wisetail’s LXD team allowed for laser focus on key learning objectives and critical processes in its modernization of the retailer’s library. A talking avatar now presents engaging training video content to help learners simplify processes, pass on knowledge, and teach course materials into smaller more digestible pieces of content.

The AI model's creation was a collaborative effort between subject matter experts (SMEs) and Instructional Designers, focusing on the value of e-learning and Learning & Development (L&D) that Wisetail provides. The end product was AI-generated training materials and custom designed learning experiences to help learners with retention and engagement throughout the interaction. Intertek’s internal-retail team has shown its commitment to their client with a dedicated training hub with new, engaging courses and has relevant resources to ensure quality in all its processes.

the Results

Accelerating Development and Restoring Confidence

The introduction of AI content generation led to a significant reduction in development time and costs, salvaging a critical client relationship for the successful DIY-retail chain. The implementation of Wisetail LXD streamlined the training content generation process, taking only two months from project start to completion. The Intertek team showcased innovation and responsiveness, this strategy coupled with reporting and completion tracking, was well-received by external executive stakeholders. Showcasing Intertek’s agility and innovative solution with this project has helped to restore confidence with the client for this multi-million dollar account. The training content is expected to be more retainable leading to the most effective execution of the day-to-day work for this strategic account.

Wisetail used Synthesia AI in conjunction with motion graphics to allow for the time and costs associated with traditional content development to be dramatically reduced. By focusing on key information and eliminating superfluous details, the modernized learning experiences enhanced engagement, focus, and retention, aligning with studies suggesting the limitations of human concentration spans.


Pioneering the Future of Training with AI Integration

The strategic adoption of Wisetail LXD and AI-content generation by the retailer represents a significant leap in the training and development sector within the LMS industry. This demonstrates the company's commitment to evolving with the industry and finding new, innovative and cost-effective solutions to modernize learning. It underscores the potential of AI in shaping the future of employee training, highlighting how technology can be leveraged to create more efficient, engaging, and personalized learning experiences. All of this shall lead to Intertek delivering more relatably and effectively for this strategic account – in not only meeting their expectations, but hopefully exceeding them.

  • Machine Learning Models - Analyzing learning outcomes and adapting content accordingly.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Understanding and generating human-like explanations and summaries.
  • Client Technology Updates - Reflecting the latest industry innovative trends.

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