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Wisetail powers organizations to create exceptional experiences that engage learners, grow businesses, and strengthen communities.

Wisetail Solutions: Employee Training & Onboarding

How we help you go beyond learning, and do better onboarding:

  • Realize faster time to productivity
  • Deliver consistent training and communications across all locations and roles
  • Ignite a more engaged workforce with social and community building features
  • Ensure your brand is well represented with your customers
  • Put training in the hands of those who need it, when and where they need it
  • Easily create and manage beautiful, media rich content for every learner

Foundations For Success

We’ve learnt there’s no single path to success. With Wisetail’s configurable tool you can build your onboarding and talent development programs in whatever way works best for your people, and your company.

Invest in your people, improve your business

We’ve heard concerns over ‘labor’ again and again – a wide umbrella encompassing onboarding, product training, paths for professional development, and retention. We have an holistic approach for how you can tackle all of these priorities.
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How to justify your people strategies for executive support

Here we provide a framework for generating buy-in, ways to gain broad organizational support, and examples of people strategies that are effectively tied to business strategies.
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Make your first impression count

As an employee, onboarding can be daunting. As an employer, it’s an opportunity to put a strategic program in place that helps new employees quickly reach productivity, feel comfortable contributing to company culture, and boost long-term retention.
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The importance of implementing engaging training programs

In order to help employees learn faster, and organizations retain key talent and foster collaborative work environments, leaders are turning to LXP solutions as a key business strategy.
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It All Begins Here

Keep your people inspired and engaged from day one. Create an easily navigable site, content for development and upskilling, and leverage social features to connect, communicate, and celebrate. And of course, understand impact with shareable reports and system-wide interaction data.

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