Drive Engagement
Incentivize Training


Competition Drives Engagement

Assign points to different actions within the LMS to incentivize learners to use the system the way you feel is most effective.



Gamification gives you the means to recognize and reward learners who embrace company culture and professional development. It’s an extra reason to go above and beyond in training.


Personal & Community Growth

Badges and leaderboards nudge users to regularly log into your LMS. Once they’re in and using the system, you can build a community around company culture and personal growth.

Gamification at a Glance

Each user has their own profile in the system. Built-in gamification elements, like points and badges, reward users as they work through content. LMS gamification pieces are configurable, and you can customize the pieces to fit your strategic training goals.

The Result

Gamification incentivizes learners to use your LMS to achieve strategic training goals. Earning badges of climbing the leaderboard gives users an extra reason to login and go the extra mile working through content.

“We were looking for ways to brand our employment experience and create a unique culture of learning through the sharing of best practices. Wisetail, which we have branded as ‘ShackSource’, has been a remarkable game changer for Shake Shack!”

VP of People ResourcesShake Shack


Our Tech Specs

Security for your system is our upmost priority at Wisetail.

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