Tech Specs

Wisetail’s rigorous security protocols ensure the integrity of your LMS.

A picture of a Wisetail LMS security phone.

Infrastructure Safeguards

Our infrastructure is hosted in two secure data centers in North America.

Access to these facilities is protected via two-factor authentication, electromechanical locks controlled by biometric verification, and closed-circuit video surveillance. We grant access to secure sub-areas on a role-specific basis.

Network Security

We use a dedicated firewall and VPN services to help block unauthorized system access.

All systems are run using hardened, patched OS.

We engage in PEN testing at least once per year. Any vulnerabilities are given the utmost priority.

Operational Security

Systems access is logged and tracked for auditing purposes

Fully documented change-management procedures

    Protecting Your LMS

    Our team of engineers is provided training on writing and maintaining secure applications.

    We manage an up-to-date open source software register that is monitored for vulnerabilities in our dependencies.

    We employ a wide range of monitoring solutions to prevent and eliminate attacks to the site. Unique usernames and passwords are required to access your Wisetail LMS.

    The LMS supports Single Sign-On (SSO), requiring clients to be authenticated via their identity provider with SAML assertions.

    Our platform is entirely rights and role-driven. Users only see what they have been given permission to see.

    Admins can restrict user access to modules using whitelisted IP addresses via our @work feature.



    We require all of our clients to purchase a SSL Certificate in order to run your site in secure mode. Secure mode means that data exchanges with our LMS will be transmitted over HTTPS.


    Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Our team  conducts nightly data backups and we maintain a secure disaster recovery plan that we test on a regular basis.

    What Our Partners Say

    “Since implementing the Wisetail solution it has really freed my team up. Not having to worry about an old archaic on-premise system has really been benificial for us.”

    Randy KrzystonJazzercise | Tech Director
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