Data, Reporting & Permissions

Data in your hands, results you can measure. Take the guesswork out of the equation.

Data Driven

Right Info, Right Time

What curve balls? Stay ahead of the game and make strategic, informed decisions with our LMS analytics and reporting tools.

Measure ROI

Find connections between business objectives, training, and your organization’s growth strategy. Use data-driven insights to develop a culture of learning that’s a win-win for your people and your business.

  • Wisetail data informs your business, from systemwide reports to individual user data.
  • Correlate LMS data with essential KPIs.

Build On What Works

Native reporting and data integrations let you measure your efforts to determine which initiatives are most effective. Use this knowledge to scale your business, engage your learners, and drive results.

  • Explore engagement via key learner metrics such as content completions and points.
  • Pilot new content, then deploy broadly.

Track Compliance

Put peace of mind within reach when you deliver and track compliance training with Wisetail. Minimize risk and respond to evolving legal and regulatory requirements with speed and agility.

  • A single hub to manage required and recurring compliance training and certifications.
  • Automate enrollments and reporting

Share Ownership

Many hands make light work. Share the load when you delegate system management responsibilities among team members. Build a robust, sustainable platform that enables you to easily scale operations.

  • Use preset, system-generated roles or create ones to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Schedule reports to make life easier.

Data Driven

Track & Report

Wisetail’s reporting tools are robust enough to track compliance, and user friendly so you can put LMS metrics to work for your organization with sound, data-driven decisions.

Scheduled Reports

Assurance that the right reports reach the right people every time.

Data Connector

Have a BI tool? Great! We have the right data for you to plug in.

User Reports

Find insights through a range of user data, including learner transcripts.

Activity Reports

Follow learner progress and engagement to hone your training approach.

More on Tracking & Reporting
Image of a man with a snapshot of the Wisetail monthly course completion report behind him.

Wisetail is no joke the biggest improvement we’ve made in our business model, in my humble opinion, in a couple of decades.

Director of MarketingJazzercise


Target Your Audience

Define and build audiences that meet the needs of your business. Align LMS roles with organizational structure to ensure data and communications flow in a controlled and orderly fashion.


Boolean logic means learners see the information that’s relevant to them.

Configurable Reports

Save time by creating custom reports with all the data points you need.

User Management

Connect all your people management systems with our enhanced user profiles.

Admin Dashboard

Configurable dashboards mean your frequently used items are a click away.

Make Better Business Decisions

Training Simplified: Invest in your people, improve your business

We tapped into our client community and our own internal team of experts to explore how food retailers can leverage tools and technology to solve critical labor challenges. The result is our e-book, Training Simplified: Invest in your people, improve your business.

Client Stories

See How the Best Get to Work

Wisetail lets you track and measure the development of your L&D strategy so it aligns with KPIs.

burrito bowl with fork on yellow background next to lumina foods logo

Lumina Foods

Lumina Foods, the parent of four food service companies, implemented their LMS as an efficient one-stop-shop for training modules and team resources.
krispy kreme glazed donuts on red background with krispy kreme logo

Krispy Kreme

The L&D team at Krispy Kreme used their system, Dough Pro, to reimagine how they deliver core training and services to franchise partners and team members.
caesar salad with chicken in a bowl on teal background with Chopt logo


Chopt uses Observation Checklists to verify skills training. In-person performance is logged, noted, and stored on the LMS in the learner’s profile.