Content Authoring

Unlock the power of learning with unforgettable content. Our agile tools make you a content building pro.


Bring Learning to Life

Craft unparalleled learner experiences that keep your people engaged and growing. Quality content means your learners spend their time mastering the material and getting ahead.

Click, Click, Create

Course authoring is a snap in our intuitive system, with content creation tools powerful enough to satisfy even the most experienced Instructional Designers. No learning curve here… just learning.

  • Embed content, upload documents, add SCORM, videos, images, HTML, and much more.
  • Drag, drop, and adjust content as you go.

Learner First

Steal the show with dynamic, media-rich courses that capture the attention and interest of your learners. From microlearning to gamification, keep up with the latest learning trends with Wisetail.

  • Support and engage learners with thoughtfully designed content that drives results.
  • Nimble authoring tools deliver modern learning.

Learning in the Flow

Never miss a beat when you seamlessly deploy training resources to sustain the flow of daily operations. Put content, communication, and shared materials within quick reach of busy teams.

  • Structured for easy navigation to ensure critical information is in the right hands.
  • Mobile-optimized to meet learners on their terms.

Flex Your Skills

The sky’s the limit. Deliver content tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Choose your course structure, then seamlessly create and curate content fit to any specific audience.

  • Meet learners where they are with an engaging mix of media and effective knowledge checks.
  • Organize content with pages and widgets.

Method Matters

Tailored for You

Role-based training. Video. Discussion forums. SCORM. FAQs. Your content is most effective when it matches the needs of your audience.

Pages & Widgets

Configure your platform’s layout to match your company’s unique needs.

Learning Pathways

From onboarding and compliance training to professional development, it’s your journey.

Four Dialog Types

Replace emails, deliver company updates, and build communities around any topic.

Document repository

Keep frequently used documents all in one accessible, centrally managed place.

Seamless Blended Learning

We aspire to create a community where our team members are engaged and trained in a way that builds an extraordinary experience. Wisetail is central as we enter a new era of training, employee learning and ongoing efforts to communicate our core values to our team, communities and guests.

Senior Director Organizational Design & DevelopmentCaribou Coffee

Body of Content

Create, Deploy, Iterate

Your time is valuable and the world is moving fast. Creator-friendly tools make content management a breeze. Create, deploy and manage with ease.

Management Roles

Delegate content creation and management roles to ensure a smooth-running platform.


Use boolean logic to segment audiences and deliver content to just the right people.

Embedded Content

Leverage existing content to augment the learning experiences of your people.

Knowledge Checks

Digitally manage in-person assessments to close the loop on online learning.

Guided Learning

Illuminate Learner Paths

Guide your learners every step of the way with configurable learning paths. Whether they are leaders, team members, customers, or even CEO, our learner-first approach makes it easy to navigate the learning journey.

Use Your LMS as a Company Intranet

As your company grows, so do your organizational needs. Bring people and process together under one roof when you use your LMS as a Company Intranet.

Client Stories

See How the Best Get to Work

Create courses rich with videos, interactives, evaluations, and more. Everything you need for a dynamic, engaging learning strategy.

urban plates logo on green background next to plate of food with chicken, brussel sprouts, and macaroni and cheese

Urban Plates 7-Step LMS Rebrand

Urban Plates used ingenuity and Wisetail’s content delivery features to rebuild and rebrand, showing how easy and effective those content features are.
bailey nelson model wearing glasses next to bailey nelson logo on yellow bg

Inconsistent Consistency: Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson is a high-quality eyewear company using Wisetail’s content delivery features to train employees on how to provide authentic customer experiences.
text: @work content delivery feature. image: blue/navy background, with icon of an office building and a tree.

@Work Content Delivery Feature

@Work allows you to keep certain content available on location only, while giving full access to social and communication features from anywhere.