Brand & Design Your LMS

Bring learning to life with great design. Wow your audience with our elegant interface designed to give you the power to keep learners engaged and exploring for more.

Dress to Impress

Drive Engagement

Create a learning experience with as much character, energy, and authenticity as your brand.

User-Friendly Interface

Clean, modern LMS design encourages adoption and daily use, so learners spend their time mastering the material — not the technology.

  • An intuitive interface removes barriers to entry for your new learners.
  • Organize pages for one-click navigation.

Socially Inspired

Our social learning platform is instantly familiar to modern technology users which means your learners can hit the ground running on day one.

  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration, best practices, and idea sharing.
  • User contributions give learners a voice.

Build Brand Loyalty

Build brand identity, loyalty, and ambassadors when you turn your digital learning platform into an extension of your brick-and-mortar operations.

  • Leverage branding to bring your company values to life and drive retention.
  • Learners share ownership over company culture.

Fully Configurable

Don’t settle! Your brand identity is core to your mission, vision, and culture. Bring it life in your LMS with a fully configurable platform.

  • A fully configurable platform means you’re in control of the look and feel.
  • Design your way with fonts, icons, and widgets.

User Centric

Learner Experience

We’ve been a learner-first platform from the start (even before it was cool). Entice your learners with social-driven functionality designed to help you achieve your strategic goals.


Give high performers timely and meaningful recognition with a company-wide shoutout.

Socially Driven

Likes, comments, and shares are designed to motivate your socially-driven learners.

Unique Profiles

Learners gain a tangible sense of ownership and community with individual profiles.

Seamless and Mobile

Meet the needs of a remote workforce by giving them access from any device.

In trying to find an LMS, what was really important for us is how it’s going to interface with our employees. The simplicity and ease-of-use made Wisetail the right choice for us.

Chief HR OfficerDos Toros

Walk Your Talk

Bring Brand to Life

Your learners are more familiar and comfortable with a branded platform, and Wisetail gives you the power to highlight your organization’s look and feel, voice and values.

First Touch

Customizable welcome messages means you can make the best first impression.

Brand Colors

Color inside or outside the lines, it’s up to you how to use our platform.

Brand Fonts

Brand fonts communicate feeling and tone as much as the words themselves.


Design images, banners, and links to provide an immersive online learner experience.

How to Apply Design Thinking


Have Fun with It

Whether you are a trendsetter or traditionalist, your brand is what sets you apart! Our simple tools are here to fan the flames of your creativity so you can bring your brand vision to life.

The Essential Guide to Branding and Design in Your LMS

Design and branding have always mattered at Wisetail. After all, the best platform is one people love using. An inviting layout and clean branding goes a long way.

Client Stories

See How the Best Get to Work

Branding and design are essential to getting the most out of your L&D strategy and your people.

urban plates logo on green background next to plate of food with chicken, brussel sprouts, and macaroni and cheese

Urban Plates

Rebranding your LMS is daunting, but the instructional design manager at Urban Plates found that a solid 42 percent of his seven-pronged rebranding approach was full-on fun.
plate of fancy sushi next to nobu logo on beige background


Nobu’s LMS is a great example of a successful launch of an organization’s first LMS, and also to position the platform to grow and scale alongside the organization.
text: holistic learner engagement. image: blue/yellow combo with icon of 3 houses in a triangle with lines connecting them.

Holistic Learner Engagement

A truly engaged workforce requires a holistic view of the employee experience. See how several clients designed their LMS approach to set their learners up for success.