Jazzercise Powered By Wisetail

Before Wisetail, Jazzercise relied on archaic software to connect with their 8,300 franchises around the world—it was as big a challenge as you think.

Jazzercise is the world’s largest dance-fitness company and needed a Learning Management System as dynamic as they are. They needed an LMS that reflected their brand and engaged those thousands of franchisees. The right LMS would give franchisees a direct line to corporate, and information on everything from ideas for themed classes to pricing.

They chose Wisetail and built a vibrant, beautifully designed LMS named The Studio.

“It’s no joke the biggest improvement we’ve made in our business model, in my humble opinion, in a couple of decades.”

Allison Stabile, Director of Marketing

“We were really interested in creating a place where franchisees could be as excited about our business as they are about the classes they teach,” said Claire La Breche, Training and Development Manager. “The Studio has just completely revolutionized the way that we’re able to get information to our franchisees.”

“The minute we got off the phone with Wisetail we knew instantly that it was the fit for us. We felt like they really got us as a company, they really got us as a culture,” said Young McCarthy, Director of Training and Development at Jazzercise.

Young likes to think of franchisees as customers, people who come first and who, when they do run into a problem, deserve a solution within minutes. Because if the franchisees get excited about the business, about the classes, that energy spills over to the clients coming in for classes. The social and communication functions in the Wisetail LMS give Jazzercise the ability to do just that.